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  1. Mid Atlantic Grand National Association (MAGNA)
    95 lb injectors for sale all six 200$ Used but still in good working order turbotweak chip for 72lb race gas chip, (114 octane, 27*, 25 psi) make offer msd helper pump for sale used working 2225 msd part number 50$ [email protected] :6:
  2. Buick V6 Turbo Tech
    so im trying to get my car running riight before i instally me new turbo and fuel pump so i ran a FP gauge to my wiper so i could see if my pump was shot and thats why i keep getting KR. i have my FP set to 43 psi with the line off. i did a few highway runs and when i stomp on the car im...
1-2 of 2 Results