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A plethora of important information regarding important part numbers, camshaft specs and turbo sizes and capabilities. Possibly the most comprehensive collection of Buick Grand National data gathered in one place on the Internet. We are constantly scouring resources to input information into our database. If you can help contact us.
 Engine Torque Specification Sheet
[Adobe Acrobat Reader Required For Viewing]
Provided exclusively by TurboBuicks.com, these 'Torque Spec' sheets are invaluable when it comes time to tighten some bolts. Download the sheet here or order it from us in laminated form!
 ECM Error Code Card
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SES Light Flashing? On the road and don't have your laptop handy? Keep this handy error code card in your Buick at all times. Download here or order your laminated version only from TurboBuicks.com
 ARP Head Bolt Part Numbers
 ARP Head Stud Part Numbers
[Adobe Acrobat Reader Required For Viewing]
Part numbers for the different series of ARP Head Bolts&Studs for the Buick V6 Turbo

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