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JohnP 09-14-2016 08:36 PM

Turbo Control Center (knock retard box)
Does anyone know the signal level and polarity of the "Delay" output of the Turbo Control Center?

I have a prospective customer with a non functioning Turbo Control Center. He wants to use our J&S knock controller in its place.

The diagram on this page shows I could remove the 5 pin module and connect the J&S directly to the magnetic pickup and the coil negative:


Looking further, this page says you can connect a jumper from pin A to pin C of the four pin plug:


This implies I can leave the 5 pin module and TCC in place, and install the J&S in line with the "Delay" signal (Black wire).

The J&S can trigger from magnetic pickup, points or OEM electronic, or a digital input.

In addition to a coil driver output, the unit has a simulated magnetic output, and 5v digital output. The input and output trigger polarities are selectable.

Any guidance is appreciated. :)

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