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Post Mustang vs TA, etc...

I was in my old 93 5.0 Stang(just fixed the trans like 3 days earlier and out drvin it for one of the first times since purchase) and this 2002 TA saw me runnin up after him(just playin around) so we went to a street that is perfectly flat, 4 lanes, and exacly a mile on the edge of town. I was out for fun, not to win, I had already lost(I was bone stock w/ 205s instead of stock 225s due to prev owner's ignorance)
So, we launched, he spun, but I spun alot more... woo fun! After the race, we caught up to the TA and were shouting nice car!!!!This caught them off guard and so they though we were cool becasue we were gracious losers, and more importantly, were complemeting their car. We saw them like 3 times later that day, and every time we did, we both dropped it into 2nd(or launched at the green light)(or launched at the green light), spun and took off then got off it and said woo!
Me and my friend were leaving another friend's house at like 4:30 am...we pulled up to intersection, neither ready for race...both bogged start(he in WRX so it worse for him) he pulled ahrd once turbo started...passed cop at 90 in a 40...convinced myself it wasnt one...IT WAS...he got pulled over, I turned down a street and got away(had jsut gotten ticket and didnt need another)...
raced other friend in his 96 Cougar 4.6...spun through 1st, he kept up...until I got traction, then blew by him
Raced an eclipse spyder like 2slow2weak's one... was behind him at light, he went and I had to spin like mad so I ddint get to close behind him...his buddies tried to stop me, so I went down an access road to pass him.
My 66 GTO was my baby.
This first wasnt much of a race, more of a display of masculinity...actually msot of these are.
Moronish hick in a 80s truck reved at me. So I put it in SECOND GEAR and spun all the way through the ladder bars were still on at this point so no wheel hop, just smoke!
Drivin along, 79 stocker Z28 comes up...I sit a 60 waiting for him, he runs at me petal to the metal...let him pass and stay in 4th(1.00 w/ 3.55 rear so running like 2600-2800 rpms at this point), punch it, and blow by him "like he was standin still"...I think his girlfriend wanted to switch cars...we were on it till over 100...then put it in neutral and just rolled...then realized i shoulda started braking a while back..."T" intersection coming w/ light turning red...40 heading our way...not that close but still crazy...made it...whew!
Same as w/ mustang...cougar lost when I got traction...but much louder! and cooler becasue it was a GTO!
Drvin around corner, v6 stang blows by I punch it(got a 300 person, a 150 pound person, and me a 150 pound person) blow by him at next light, i drop the clutch break completely!!!!sit there spinning not moving infront of him! drive around for a bit, go in Hastings lot and there he is, glares at me then leaves.
Bad idea: we were running around all night w/ me, the other friends from previous race plus 2 more people! Sitting in Sonic(i know..cheezy, but they were hungry) an 80s camaro passes us, revs...I didnt pay attention to the sound of the exhasut, just saw a single, stock, 2.8L tip.
Got next to him reved...he only had 3 people, me 5...he reved and we realized that tip was a trick to get people like me to race him...we spinnin from both...GTO dies due to too much strain on the 125000 engine...even the girls' Peter Griffins shrank several sizes that night.
A TA is next to me at a light..he takes off, I realize he wants a race so I punch it...but at that time, my dash pad was lose, so when a hard shift it flies off dash and gets stuck on steering wheel(found out the hard way) so I held the dash and shifted and won!
A 4.6 GT went racin past me, so I followed, his buddies knew what I was so they got in my way, got past um adn went roaring down the street after him...passed friends at 90(like 4300rpms) honked(they never heard my loud horn, only the 6.5 Litres of pure power!, never found the GT, the coward turned somewhere...oh well...
72 Camaro:
raced a new 4.6 GT, I'm all original auto w/ 4 people...lost bad, he reved at me during race...oh well, I still looked goood!
Mustang reved, so I raced, of the line pony pulled becasue of no boost start, but then my turbo kicked in.
raced a 80s TA w/ noboostart w/ the 3 people like GTO...he jumped at first becasue of no turbo, but then turbo kicked in, but not enough from to pull ahead.
Pontaic GTP punched it, so did I, he actually didnt let me pull that hard on him, I was suprized.

Thats enough for now...sorry for the loooooong post!

powersix headbang powersix
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too many toys
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Wow,a whole lot going on out there in Texas!Cant do that sort of thing in NYC though,The cops are driving confiscated street cars and are looking for races.And if you race them you can kiss your car goodbye.Alot of guys think that they will get them back but I have seen first hand what really happens.Its not pretty.Oh well,have fun and be safe.We dont want to see you on the 11 o'clock news. wink
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much appreciated!!
still dreaming
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These ahve taken place over the past 3 years. Cops have gotten much worse. Very aggrivating. I'm normally a very calm driver, dont even get the turbo spinning normally...but, sometimes you just gotta put the hammer down! Speed is what I love! But, jsut about everyone trusts me more than anyone else while drving, or even themselves for that matter. I've only been in 2 wrecks:
1: month after getting GTO, rear ended a 80 year old lady in a cady becasue she had no taillights and I was a little too close, not going that fast though...just bent the bumper and the grilles.
2:got rear ended by a 99 Ford Minivan becasue she decided to go before traffic infront of her did.
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