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race gas

im new to the turbo stuff...bought a car that has alot of stuff done to it...boost guage in car only reads 20 psi and it pegs it out(new guage on the way)...my question is,in the higher boost (15 psi and higher) i had detonation,which in turn from my racing days,i thought was lack of octane...so i have been running 110 octane race gas,but i was told that the 110 race gas was not good for the o2 sensor and would cause my motor to go lean....i need helpful advice because as u can see i am lost...any help would be greatly appreciated
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Lost you are.. first thing is read read on these forums. Learn to use the search feature.

Then if the car does not have a scanmaster.. buy one. This is very first step 1.

Then.. turn the boost down before your rebuilding an engine

Then.. get the motor to run cleanly at a lower boost level. That may be 15 psi.. maybe 20 psi. Dont start high and work your way down.. start low and work your way up.

Any knock and you'll be rebuilding the motor in short time. If its audible.. you'll be in a bunch of trouble quickly.

lastly.. technically.. with 110 you should be able and run past 20 PSI boost "IF" all the things are setup to do so correctly. Having a 20 PSI gauge and pegging it is a big NO NO when your new to the car.

Yes lead kills the O2. There are ways around it.. alcohol injection is one.
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110 wont cause it to go lean.. boost will.

You need to have a matching chip for the intended boost your running as the chip controls the injectors.

The chip is on your step 2 things to get.. after step 1 scanmaster.

You may even have a weak fuel pump..
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It sounds like you're hearing the knock, not good, see post above for Scanmaster.

The lead in racegas will eat away at most sensors in weeks, get a Denso and you'll be able to keep it alive for months. When the Scanmaster millivolt numbers start to get lazy and hover around 000 then you know your 02 went bad.

20psi boost gauge might be a good sign, maybe the previous owner didn't care much about racing it. Though the mods comment is odd with that presumption?
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KABOOM! Watch that boost!
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Originally Posted by blackgn1 View Post
KABOOM! Watch that boost!

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