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Originally Posted by lazaris View Post
William very nice build. Can I ask what the machine cost's were for the block to prepare it ?
I don't have the paper work in front of me but no more than any normal engine work or I would of remember!!!! but read on.

The machine shop that I use was known as Coleman Bros. on RT.1 in Maryland. Bill Coleman now runs his shop from a large shop behind his residence and he has over 40+ years experience. He has done tons of aluminum blocks over the years and checks/catches & knows many things that other so called experts miss which have cost customers money even to the point of really messing the motors up, this you can't buy!!!

Some blocks are not machined correctly form the various manufactures from time to time.

On the other web site I have talked or read a few of the other knowledgeable TA block owners that have had a few mistakes made in preparing their blocks.

I have had a few 109 blocks and small block Chevy's done at Coleman's and he charges the same for any operation such as boring, decking, etc. aluminum or cast iron. His prices are in line or "less" than other machine shops in the area. If your engine does not need it, Coleman will tell you along with maybe something you where not aware of that needs to be done. He's honest, that's why he is still in business with a backlog.
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