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Power Logger monitoring issues

I am having a problem with my Power Logger monitoring when the car is running. The logger will not show the readings of any of the four parameters in the "graph" setting, but it will show the reading in the "guage" setting. now, if I am in the "graph" setting and i hold down the left mouse button down on the laptop, the graphs show all of the recorded data. The recorded data will continue to run until I let go of the left mouse button, then the recording stops. If I hold down the left mouse button again, the data that was recorded between the time I had let go of the mouse button and when I pushed it again appears in the graph.

So my question is, what did I do to my laptop?, or what do I need to do to my laptop to restore it to where it will show the recording of the data?

Or, is there something else I need to fix?

Thanks for any and all assistance.

later, Jeff.
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