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Does a bad crank sensor prevent spark?

If the crank sensor is bad will this prevent spark? So if it does prevent spark and the car will not start, but will backfire, then the crank sensor could be good?
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Hey.. look at this.
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If the engine backfires, the crank sensor is active and is sending a signal to the ECM. Hook up a scan tool and watch the RPM readout if you wanna be sure. If the car won't start, there is a simple set of rules for determining why. I'd send you the link to gnttype, but it is down. You could download the Chassis Manual from Bandit's website and do a search for the diagnosis...which is where the gnttype diagnostic tree on this subject comes from anyway.
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It does backfire, so I got a new cam sensor cap with a nice 'pin' and installed that. No difference. I installed the Casper Quick Start Module. No difference, but maybe I didn't crank it long enough. There is an LED that blinks at the same rate as the Scanmaster.

I have the shop manuals. I was not sure what the "blinking injector test light" is. Is it just a 12v tail light with two connectors and clips?

I do not get any codes on the ScanMaster while I am cranking the engine. When I check for codes the ScanMaster displays all 8's with periods or dots between them, like

8.8.8. 8.8.8.
_______^ this dot blinks as long as I hold down the recall on the ScanMaster. (the underline is for spacing out the caret)

On he mentions a Noid Lite. What is a Noid Lite? I guess I could go to the autopart store and ask for one.
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small bulb that plugs into the injector harness

I believe all the required trees are on my site

Use the shortcut posted on the troubleshooting page to narrow the problem down.

Visually inspect the crank sensor to make sure its bracket is not partially broken and the sensor is no longer maintaining its gap as well.
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