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buzzin 87
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Meth And Motor Oil

Went To Change Motor Oil At 1000 Miles And The Oil Was Black. Never Look Like This Before Injecting Meth,is This Normal, I Use In This Car Penzoil 10w30.
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1000 miles = 4000 1/4 mile passes

You hammer on it.. you will get more blowby, heat, wear and tear.. You drive it like a passenger car.. then oil lasts thousands of miles.

Driving habits dictate oil changes.. not mileage. Tuning also plays a role.. if the car is rich, you will get more washdown.. that breaks down the oil.

Sometimes I change oil 1500 miles.. sometimes at 10 miles.. depends on how hard the motor has been raced.

Spray way too much alky, is just like running rich.. it will contribute to increased oil breakdown.

No free lunch racing an engine at elevated boost levels...
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Originally Posted by buzzin 87
Went To Change Motor Oil At 1000 Miles And The Oil Was Black. Never Look Like This Before Injecting Meth,is This Normal, I Use In This Car Penzoil 10w30.
Might try a few degrees less timing..
With alky you can get to where you're running an excessive amount of timing, and not seeing any detonation/ knock.

And the more HP, and hammering you do on an engine, the more blow by there will be.

You might also be just loosening up some ole crappe in the engine with then increase in heat you're making now. And we're talking about a very small amount of crappe to darken the oil.
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The Radius Kid
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Jeff Hartman discusses alcohol and oil in his book "Automotive Fluids and Fuels".
Apparently there is a need for a change in oil composition when running alky.
The book is one heck of a good read.
I highly recommend it to anyone.
Knowledge is knowing what to do and how to do it.
Wisdom is knowing when and when not to use it......and to what degree.

So go kick some @ss already!
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fwiw Shell Rotella motor oil is made from an excellent base and has great soot control. I have seen this oil dramtically clean up a gunked up engine in only a few oil changes. It also has zinc (expensive) which is bettter for flat tappet cam motors. Car oils now are made without zinc as its not needed in todays roller motors. Rotella is not the only oil out their that has this but its really the only one that I know of that is reasonably priced and widely available. TSC stores (Tractor Supply Corp) has it for $7.68 a gallon. Wallmart also has it. This along with a good quality filter such as a WIX is money well spent on an engine such as the turbo V6.
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turbo nasty
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Valvoline VR1 series oils have greater detergency and ZDDP wear additives also
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Valvoline VR1 is made to be used with meth, and should be used in our cars cause of the additive package in it any ways, for the flat tappet cams that we have, roller cams is a different story, but if using meth in roller cams I beleive you should also use VR1.

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Steve Wood
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RP 10-40, (or 15-40) is specially formulated for methanol.
Anyone that wishes to contact me may do so by clicking on the contact link on my homepage below. Thanks

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